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Southern Ohio Bassmasters  


There has become a problem with the BUCKEYE LAKE Tournament

We have applied for a permit for Pleasant Hills  April 18, 2015 ( 8-4 )

You may get a call informing you of a change in our first tournament for the year.

 Notice :

We are now going to Piedmont Lake April 18,2015 8-4Marina Ramp                                        


                    Meeting Minutes  


February 8 , 2015


A meeting of Southern Ohio Bassmasters was called to order at 1:09

Treasurer Report was $1092.07 and $17 in the 10# pot.


Old Business ; Raffle tickets

New Business;   


                                        Meeting was over about 3:05

Sixteen members Present

  1. Steve Wahl                        6.  Ken Fulks                      11. Chad Forker            16.Tom Sprankel          
  2. Rick Pfeifer                      7.  Eric Woodrow              12. Terry Ryan           
  3. Shane Kimble                    8.  Bob Fulks                     13.Greg Montgomey        
  4. Chuck Martin                     9.  Scott Siemer                14. Troy Yost

   5.     Rod Richardson              10.Todd Farquhar               15. Mike Baughman


2015 Dues collected of $20.00 to date are;


Chad Forker        $20.00

Ken Fulks            $20.00

Chris Ryan          $20.00


                                                               January 25, 2015


A meeting of Southern Ohio Bassmasters was called to order at 3:09

Treasurer Report was $1092.07 and $17 in the 10# pot.


Old Business ;

               A vote was taken for the change in payback for the extra dollar collected for Mr.Bass, Big Stringer and Big Bass. Passed - This makes it 50%-25%-25% respectively     


New Business;   

1.      Clear Fork Tournament was set on Memorial  Day weekend, this was discussed and the result was leave it be.

2.      A motion was made for the person who sales the most Raffle tickets could receive a free pass into one club tournament.

3.      We are setting up for our next meeting to be a swap met, bring something to trade.

4.       Any baits which would be left or donated will go to the West Muskingum anglers.

5.      It was brought up to flip our classic places so you would go to the Ohio River first.

6.      We are looking at ways for a membership drive. Beyond our buddy tournament.

7.      A reminder for the Buddy Tournament April 26th at Rush Creek

8.      A new member was voted in Jeff Butler, (he is the head of the West Muskingum Anglers.)

9.      A Donation check was presented to West Muskingum Anglers for $447 to help with expenses.


Our next meeting could be March 8th but it could also be the 1st at 1:00 ( MOOSE LODGE )


                                        Meeting was over about 4:25

Fifteen members Present

  1. Tom Sprankel                      6.  Ken Fulks                       11.Tim Magers                  
  2. Todd Farguhar                     7.  Bob Fulks                       12.Greg Montgomery              
  3. Shane Kimble                      8. Terry Ryan                      13. Randy Jackson           
  4. Chuck Martin                      9.  Scott Siemer                  14. Mike Baughman

   5.     Rod Richardson               10. Steve Wahl                      15. Jeff Butler


̊ Refreshment were provided by Judy Sprankel, Shredded Chicken, Chips and Cookies.


2015 Dues collected;        11/16/2014                                        1/25/2015

1.      Rick Pfiefer                                             7. Greg Montgomery                                       

2.      Steve Wahl                                               8. Randy Jackson                            

3.      Rod Richardson                                       9. Tim Magers                   

4.      Chuck Martin                                           10. Todd Farguhar                           

5.      Mike Baughman                                       11. Terry Ryan

6.     Scott Siemer                                            12. Jeff Butler

13. Chad Forker

14. Ken Fulks

15. Rod Guthrie

16. Chris Ryan

17. Craig Schultz

18. Tom Sprankel