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Our Club Dues are $20.00

$5.00 of your dues goes to the Classic.

If you come to the Banquet  $15.00 of your dues will be put toward your Dinner.

Our Tournament fees are now $21.00 for each tournament

$2.00 goes toward Ramp Fee if we have them, if not it returns to club for other expenses.

$1.00 goes for a payout at the Banquet for Mr.Bass, Big Stringer, and Sportsman of the year.

$1.00 goes to a #10 pot that you may want to get into, it gets to be a nice pot at times.

Our Tournaments are set up in November for the next year. Any problems need to be addressed then or Before we start a new year.

We have a  Buddy tournament which is a 1/2 & 1/2  Raiser to Raise Money for West Muskingum Anglers

We have a Kids tournament which all Kids get a Plaque and Gift Card

We Have a His & Hers which pays the top teams prize money and a Basket